Drummin/Brackloon in Co. Mayo

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The hilly areas of Drummin and Brackloon present an attractive web of winding, leafy lanes festooned with honeysuckle and wild roses in season. From the hilltops, superb panoramic views extend across Clew Bay to Clare Island, once a stonghold of the Pirate Queen, Gráinne Uaile.

Historic Brackloon Wood is a native oak woodland representing one of the last remaining areas of Atlantic oakwood in Ireland and is of significant national and international importance.

There is also a pleasant short circular stroll (4km) suitable for all the family.

Many stories about caves, hidden treasure and ancient monuments are told about the wood. King Conor MacNeasa and the Red Branch Knights are reputed to have ridden along the secluded road winding its way through the hills and woods to the coast.

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