Fishing in Foxford in Co. Mayo

With its close proximity to some of Mayo's prominent fishing lakes and rivers, Foxford is a highly popular fishing holiday destination.

Atlantic salmon, brown trout, seatrout, pike, perch, cod and mackerel are but a few of the species the angler can expect to catch in a day's fishing in the Foxford region.

Within easy reach for an enjoyable day's angling are the famous River Moy, Lough Conn, Lough Cullin, Killala Bay, Lough Mask, Deel River and the Owenmore River.

River Moy

Rising in the Ox Mountains the River Moy is one of the most prolific salmon rivers in Europe, boasting catches of 8 - 10,000 wild Atlantic salmon annually. With a catchment area of 2080 km, the River Moy flows approximately 110Km (68 Miles) until it enters the Atlantic ocean at Killala Bay and its channel is up to 40 metres wide in places.

The river's principal salmon angling stretch is the Moy Fishery in Ballina, but there are a variety of private and association angling waters in the Foxford area. These beats are chiefly fly-fishing and are highly sought after by anglers from all over the world. Ghillie advice and local knowledge are indispensable for full enjoyment of a fishing holiday along the banks of the Moy.

Loughs Conn & Cullin

Loughs Conn and Cullin have one of the longest mayfly seasons of any water in the country. Mayflies start appearing around the end of April and, from then to the end of June, some very exciting fishing can be had. Trout fishing on Lough Cullin generally starts around 17th March and the grisle run begins in May and continues until early August.

Numerous trout fishing competitions are held on Loughs Conn and Cullin each year and many of these are open to visitors. Details are available from local angling clubs.

Lough Conn and Lough Cullin are huge lakes and the use of qualified guides is highly recommended when fishing these lakes. Boat hire, equipment, rods & reels, life jackets can also be organised locally.

Deep Sea Angling

Approximately 20 minutes drive from Foxford are the rich deep sea angling waters of Killala Bay - one of the prime fishing locations in Ireland, with a vast variety of species available.

A day's deep sea angling off Killala is guaranteed to be a memorable experience for the visiting fisherman. Many different species have been recorded here including such unusual catches as John Dory and Hake.

Charter boat hire is available locally and there are a wealth of shore-angling marks extending northwards and westward from the town.

Facility for Disabled Anglers

On the River Moy, a new facility for disabled anglers has been opened in March 2019 by Ministers Michael Ring and Sean Canney.

It is located at Straide, near Foxford, and consists of a 76-metre long fishing platform, a changing room and a car park.

Inland Fisheries Ireland fund the project and East Mayo Anglers' Association worked on it for the past ten years.

Fishing along the Moy will be more accessible for older anglers and those who have difficulty accessing fishing waters.

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