Foxford History in Co. Mayo

One of the earliest mentions of Foxford is found in a survey of County Mayo by Robert Downing for William Molyneux, in 1682 which referred to the settlement as "a new plantation of English and Scots, and Ironworks, now called Foxford, but once Bellasea".

It was during the 18th century that Foxford would produce one of Ireland's most famous people, who would go on to become a significant player in patrolling the seas around South America.

William Brown was born on Providence Road in Foxford in 1777 and went on to become a National Hero in his adopted Argentina after he founded the Argentine Navy. Brown did return to Ireland during the year of 1847 and was deeply concerned to the extent of the damage of the Great Irish Famine.

The concluding years of the 19th century would see the birth of a famous industry in Foxford with the arrival of Mother Agnes Morrogh-Bernard, an Irish Sister of Charity.

In 1892, Morrogh-Bernard founded the 'Foxford Woolen Mills', with the assistance of the Congested District Board. The Mills continued to develop during the 20th century and went on to become an extremely successful industry.

Today, Foxford Woolen Millls export garments throughout the world and the Visitor Centre in Foxford attracts thousands of tourists annually.

Listed below are some links which will explain in depth, the items of historical importance in the Foxford area of County Mayo.

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