Kilkelly Hunt Family, Orlaur 8th August 1889

Mt Dear Son,

I feel so happy to be able acknowledge your kind and welcome letter which came to hand on the 2nd instant we were all so happy to hear that yourself Mrs and family are quite well a blessing that all of us here enjoy at present thanks be to God; I say above that I am happy to be able to acknowledge your letter, say so from being so old. According to what I used to hear from my mother in by gone days.

I am on or about on this very day 91 years and one month, may tell you I feel quite healthy, as I spent last Sunday at the Pattern of Orlaur and remained there until night and never felt the least tired, you say that you think there are none in the neighbourhood as old as I yes there are Jack Mulligan and Paddy Anthony (Paddy Cafferky) of auchadeffin Johnny Cuddy and Michael Egan. I think you know them all -I am indeed glad that Michael and his sons are doing well when as you are occasionally in Communication with him I know you will let him know that I am very happy that he is getting on well together with his boys, I know you are sorry for poor Michl Phillips and you would if it were possible be more so if you were only acquainted with him for he was a just and proper man, Mary and her daughters are doing well, poor woman has a large family -7 daughters, - It is well for her that Pat O'Donnell lives quite near her he occasionally looks after her business himself and his wife are well, and glad to hear from you an family -Tommy's children do write often and they cannot complain but they get a fair share of money from them, Tommy did not go to England this season his son Michl is there himself wife and remainder of the family are well Dominick is in England when last heard from he was well, his wife and children also were well. They have a large family. 5 sons and 3 daughters your brother James is in England they have living 4 sons and 2 daughters - Patsy is in his usual health.

And glad to hear from you and Mrs. and family You wish to know how your friend P.McNamara is, well he is in good health and very thankful for your very many inquires, for himself and family, their family is four sons and four daughters and a son of 9 years of age that they buried last Easter Sunday, he tells me from what he hears that you and he are about the same age and that it ought to be about 58 or 59. He is turning grey and from what you say apparently greyer that you are, unless closely examined he does not appear anyway grey -If you should chance to have seen Michl. Boyle since he last left here he would be able to say whether you or P. Mc. looks elder. You mentioned some time ago that you would visit Ireland but I suppose you wont, you inquired whether there is a post office in Orlaur. There is one at Thady Kenny's, a sub post office and letters sent out from Kilkelly twice a week, - on Tuesdays and Fridays, -

I have no fresh news just now, I trust this will find yourself and Mrs. and family in good health, I hope that your daughter whom you left in your old place is well.

I am joined by all the family and of their children in love to you all.

I remain your loving father

Bernard Hunt

Next Letter - 6th Feb 1890

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