Kilkelly Hunt Family, Orlaur December 1891

My Dear Son,

I am in receipt of you very kind letter, which came now about 12 days ago. I ought to have answered before this to acknowledge your kind remittance of $3. Between Michael and yourself, the Christmas box, for which I am exceedingly thankful May God Prosper yourself and yours, you are in fact always good to me, I may mention as to why I did not write to you earlier, as it was so near the Christmas Holidays. I thought I would wait until they were over, to see whether I'd have fresh news to send to you. I am glad to be able to state that we have no bad news. Myself and every member of the family are in good health thanks be to God, your brothers and sisters and their families are in good health - Now beginning my 94th year since July last, I did not so much like to go to Kilkelly to get the cheque cashed - I waited until my friend, P.McNamara took his vacation and then he went to the Post Office and got the cash for me. I thought that any other neighbour or even any of my own sons would hardly get it for me, so don't feel uneasy about it, for my friend got it without any trouble.

I was over at his house a few evenings ago and I should think that I could manage walking to there, if required to do so, but the weather being so cold and wet, P. Mc. would hear of my going and so spared me the journey. I am glad to learn that you took a trip to your daughter and family as also your brother Michl. and family. It is a pleasure to hear that they are all getting along so well thanks be to God. Myself and Patsy are well, Domk. Mrs. and family are well, Thos. Mrs. and family are well too James Mrs. and family, Mrs. Phillips and family, P.O'Donnell and family are also well - I shall send Pat O'Donnell an account that Michael wishes that he would write to him. I cannot expect to be able say any that I'll be going to Carracastle, I am now too old to think of going that way anymore, I did not hear from Michael as he mentioned, if he wrote I did not get any of his letters, and I wonder that any of them would be lost. I may tell you that Patsy sent an account to your friend P.Mc. a week or more before your letter came to hand to write to you and inquire for you all as he felt uneasy somehow, but he (P.Mc.) did not write and told me that you would write to me as usual before Christmas. The friends and neighbours are in good health, I am joined by your brothers and sisters and their families in kind love to you all.

I remain your loving father

Bernard Hunt.

My Dear Friend

Myself and family send you our best thanks for your kind inquires for our welfare. I am glad to say that we are and hope you and yours are the same, your fond comrade P. McNamara

I am writing to your brother Michael by post therefore excuse haste -

Next Letter - Feb 1893

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