Kilkelly Ireland Letter, Orlaur March 10th 1888

Mr Dominick Hunt

My dear Nephew,

I am in receipt of your kind and welcome letter, which came to hand on yesterday. I am highly delighted to hear from you and sisters, and from my sons Mike and John and their families all though your letter, as I did not hear directly from any of my sons for the last three years. It has given me great pleasure to hear that you are all getting on so well. I feel great ease of mind to hear so much good news from you about yourself and your sisters, also of Mike and his four sons. I hope that young fellow who had the steadiness is of taking Care of himself I hope he will be both long lived and lucky as he was so fortunate as to escape so miraculously -I was glad that if John left where he was that he left one of his family settled there.

I never can let it out of my memory about poor John losing so many of his fine family -but God's will be done, I also feel keenly the lose that poor Mike met within the lose of his wife. I think that wild fellow would not be as reckless had the good luck of having his poor mother to look after him, I am wondering why John did not write to me since he went out west, I should think I did not hear from John during the last 5 or so years, and Mike I really think never wrote to me since he went out there, hence you see I am so proud to hear from him in your letter, nothing gives me greater pleasure at any time than to hear from my family and friends, I cannot forget your kindness in letting me know all about yourself and themselves, your father and mother and the rest of the family are well, your uncle Patsy is well, uncle Dominick wife and family are well, your uncle James wife and family are well, Michl. Phillips wife and family are well, but as you say they are heartbroken for the loss of their fine boys, and more so ....................................................... as the just but him, Pat O' Donnell and wife are well, the friends and neighbours are well, I know you hardly credit me when I tell you that I am almost as supple and healthy as when you left home and that I do not feel pain or ache so far thanks be to God.

I hope that ere you get this that Mike will be recovered from the cold that you mentioned about - I have no fresh news I cannot send you an account of any marriage in our farm, for we had none this season. I suppose you are aware that Mrs. McQuade, came home. She is at your uncle James's and her health which was indeed bad when she came, is now much improved, and I understand she will be going out again on or about May next, I have no more to say at present, but I send you and your sisters my blessings

I remain your loving Grandfather

Byran Hunt

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