Kilkelly Hunt Family, Orluar 13th March 1891

My Dear Son,

I am in receipt of your kind and welcome letter, which came to hand just a week ago, it gave me great pleasure to hear that you and family, also Michl. and family are well, your brothers and sisters too are well. A blessing we all here enjoy thanks be to God. You have no need to apologise for not writing me an answer sooner. I never had any reason to doubt your affection toward me as a son; you were indeed always good and attentive towards me. I regret that you happened meeting with an accident in the shape of a cut on your leg; I hope in the Almighty that it will be of no avail. It is of course something strange to you, for as you say I never heard of you to complain before nor to meet with an accident. It has given both myself and every member of our family pleasure to hear that your brother Michael is in good health, although you say he has a bad turn of it last Summer. I am sending Michael a few lines by the same post that I send this to you. I can assure you my health is still good.

I have come to your old friend's place to get your letter answered and a letter sent to Michl. as I mentioned above, you will be glad to learn that your brothers and sisters and their families are well. Thos wife and family are well, James wife and family, Dominick wife and family, Patsy too is in good health, P. O'Donnell and wife are well, Mrs. Phillips and children are getting on nicely. I am very happy to hear that you met with a friend of your sister Mary's family. I am aware that he sent Mrs. Senior a remittance last summer. I don't know presently who the party is but I intend to inquire and hear something about him, you desire me when out of money to let you know, well many a thanks to you for your many acts of Kindness. I am not yet out of the money you sent me, and I really do not like to be too much expense on yourself and your family, I suppose I cannot have long to live ……………………………….. should I live so long. I will be 93 years; most of my Coevals are now gone to eternity. I only know of two as old as I now, living in the neighbourhood, via John Cuddy, Cloonean, and Michl. Egan of Tavrane. I have not seen so much frost for many Winters past as we had this last, then since early in January until now the weather took up very fine, much indeed like Summer, ere a few days ago, (or nights rather) frost set in again, and altho the days are sunny and fine, neither ploughing nor turning can be carried on during the first half of the day at least, unless on bog or moor lands; I felt satisfied that you saw M.Boyle since he returned to America, so as that he could relate to you all fresh news and all changes which took place in this locality between his first and second trip there, P. McNamara is glad that you and yours are in good health, and tells me he would be glad I would often come to visit himself and family. As regards Parnell, we are hardly able to say how matters may end, so we will leave it at that.

My Dear Son Mrs and family

I am joined by all your brothers and sisters and their families in love to you all.

I remain your dear father

Bernard Hunt.

My dear Friend

I am glad to hear of how well you are getting along. It is unnecessary for you to thank me and my family for favours shown your father. Really, I did nothing for him that deserved thanks. I would wish to do if I could and that he wanted it, but I am proud to say that through you he is in one's power.

Yours truly P. McNamara

P.S. I send you a copy of the "Western People" by this post and hope that you will receive it in due course Your's P. Mc.

Next Letter - Dec 1891

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