Kilkelly Ireland Letter, Olaur May 6th 1877

Dear Sons, in answer to your welcome letter which I rec in due time is happy to hear of ye both and family being in good health as the parting of this note leaves us all presently thanks be to God for it. We are all very happy at Michael's ideas of coming home, but very sorry he did not mention it 18 months ago, as I would be very happy in giving him my situation in Orlaur, but now Dominick has it signed over to him by me and Patsy, also, however, myself and Patsy is not badly off. We have plenty of money to live together without any Difference or discourse, so for if Michael comes home as we would all be very happy he would come, he will not be badly off until we provide a situation for him, any man with a good sum of money in this Country can live well as trade is far better than usual and Difference to what it was in your time.

We would write sooner, but expecting to find some chance of a place worth mentioning to him, however, I think his best way would to come home and then there is time enough to look out as he will not be short of interment by either us or Pat O'Donnell. I do not or cannot see any chance for him at present except he would undertake to build a house in the town of B.derrine or Charlestown in which towns are doing well for some people, who are sturdy and wise.

You wanted to know in your letter how all your Brothers and Sisters and families were, I am glad I can say they are all well and doing well, of your Brother Thos. has in family 3 sons and 5 daughters, Domk, Michl. and James, Mary, Catherine, Bridget, Maggie, and Elon. James has one son and two daughters called Eliza, Mary, and James. Michael Phillips family Thos, Mary, Catherine, and Elon. Dominick has one son 3 months old called James; I made a mistake in saying James his name is Patt and your sister Catherine and Patt O' Donnell has none and for my own part, I am in pretty fair health thank God and able to do our management but my age is great, I am bordering on 80 years, I was always in hopes I would see ye both before leaving this world, but I am begging to Despair of it, but if not I hope, I shall see ye in the Kingdom of Heaven, where we shall all rejoice and be happy for all eternity, Amen. I hope ye will write soon again and let us know how ye will be getting on, and what Michael is intended to do or did ye rec. a letter I sent a few months ago, I have no more to say to you at present, but remains your father, brothers and sisters and all enquiring friends join us in sending ye our kind love and best respects.

Bernard Hunt

Pat O'Donnell Clark

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