Knock History in Co. Mayo

Knock is one of the most visited areas in Ireland, attracting thousands of pilgrims annually, due to one event which occured in the East Mayo village.

The Apparation which took place in 1879 is one of the most significant experiences to happen in Irish History.

This event led to an investment in infrastructure on the church grounds during the 20th century, most notably under the guidence of Monsigner James Horan. A large Basilica was built in the 1970's to offer shelter to the large number of pilgrims attending mass in Knock.

A dedicated museum was also built on the church grounds, which documents the history of the greater Knock area. Knock Museum holds an adundance of artifacts which date back to the early years of this East Mayo region.

Another milestone in the recent history of Knock, was the visit of Pope John Paul II to the village, in the anniversary year of 1979. The late Pontiff said that the visit to Knock was the main reason for his tour of Ireland during that year.

To find out more about the Apparition in Knock, the Marian Shrine and about the earlier history of the village, click on our links provided below.

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