Murrisk Abbey in Co. Mayo

On the coastal side of Murrisk are the ruins of Murrisk Abbey, a former Augustinian abbey founded in 1457 by the Augustinian Friars. It is believed that as early as the 1050s there was a building on the site where Murrisk Abbey stands today, but no records have been found to prove it. According to historical accounts the abbey was founded by Lady Maeve, wife of Lord Dermott O'Malley and mother of Tadhg O'Malley.

Thady O'Malley (believed to be the grandfather of Pirate Queen, Grace O'Malley) was a chieftain in the area who gave the abbey to Fr Hugh O'Malley of Corpus Christi, who had got permission, in 1457, from Pope Callistus III to build a church and friary at Murrisk, near the foot of Croagh Patrick.

The friars established a great friendship with the people of the area and helped them with food and shelter when needed during their time in the Abbey.

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