Swinford Historic Article - 1846 in Co. Mayo

This information is taken from Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland.

As we can see, Swinford was spelt Swineford, in 1846.

Swinford is a market and post town, in the parish of Kilconduff, Barony of Gallen and County of Mayo, 140 miles N.W. of Dublin, 19 miles N.E. of Castlebar, 17 miles N. of Clare, and 15 miles S.S.E. of Ballina, seated on elevated ground and derives it's name from a fordable stream, which passes by the town, and near which was formerly held a considerable market for Swine. The place enjoys, at the present day, little importance from it's trading transactions and none from it's architectural embellishments. The principal business establishment is that of Mulligan and Co. drapers and merchants. The Court-house is a good and convenient building, lately erected therein general sessions are held in April and October, and petty sessions every Tuesday.

The Parish Church of Saint Mary is a small Gothic building, with a Tower, erected in 1810, and subsequently repaired by means of funds granted by the ecclesiastical commissioners. The living is a vicarage and includes the united parishes of Kilconduff, Meelick, and Kilbeagh. The Roman Catholic Chapel in appearance is unostentatious, but is a convenient structure. A school, lately established under the National Board of Education, for children of both sexes, and barracks for the constabulary and revenue police forces, are the only public establishments.

Post Office

Peter Cawley, Post Master. Letters from all parts arrive (from Ballina) every evening at six, and are dispatched to that town every morning at half-past six.

Gentry and Clergy

Bolingbroke, John, Esq. Old Castle. Coleman, Rev. John PP. Swineford. Deane, Edward, Esq. J.P. Carragowan. Deane, Hugh, Esq. Barley hill. Eames, Rev. Benjaamin, A.M. vicar and surrogate for the diocese of Killala and Achonry, the Glebe. Kelly, Patrick Waldron, Esq. Midfield. O'Donnell, Edward,Esq. Fahains, O'Malley, Capt Audw. J.P. Newcastle. O'Malley, George. Esq. Newcastle. Rutledge, Geo. Esq. Brabazon Park.

Professional Persons

Bolingbroke, Edward, Attorney,Old Castle. Burke, Ulic, Physician. Fitzgerald, Luke Dalton Surgeon. Henry, Michael William, Surgeon. McGuire, Eugene, master of the national school. O'Dowd, James, Surgeon and Apothecary.

Inns and Public Houses

Burke, James. Connor, Patrick. Corly, Patrick, Inn. Cunuiffe, Patrick. Durkan, Andrew. Feeny, Lawrence. Fitzstephens, Peter. Fleming, William. Gallagher,J oseph. Groarke, Thomas. Halligan, Patrick. Henry, Mark. Horan, Anthony. Horkan, James. Horkan, Michael. Keane, John. Kelly, Alice. Mellett, Michael. Sheridan, Martin.

Shopkeepers and Traders

Brabazon, James, Shoe Maker. Carroll, Charles, Butcher. Cawley, Peter, Draper and Grocer. Cloona Mills, Bakery, Matthias McDonnell, Proprietor. Durkan, Michael, Baker. Fleming, William, Shopkeeper. Gallagher, Patrick, Shopkeeper. Gray, Michael, Baker. Horan, Anthony, Baker. Horkan, Patrick, Draper. Howley, Thomas, Blacksmith. Kyle, John, Draper. M'Coy, Patrick. Tailor. Mulligan, John and Co. Merchants and importers of Cotton, Silk, and Woollen goods. Staunton, James, Tailor.

Places of Worship and their Ministers

Parish Church (of Kilconduff), Swineford - Rev. Benjamin Eames, Vicar. Roman Catholic Chapel,Swineford - Rev. John Coleman, Parish Priest. Rev. Mr. Spellman, and Rev.James Devine, Curate.

Public Institutions

Barrack(Constabulary) Swineford - Hunt, Edward, Esq. Sub-Inspector. Barrack(Revenue Police) Lieut. Henry Lefroy, Officer, Swineford. Court House-Durkan, John. Clerk to Petty Sessions.

Cars From the Post Office

To Ballina: The Mail Car, every morning at half-past-six and Bianconi's Car from Longford, every day at half-past-twelve, both go through Foxford. To Longford: Bianconi's Car, from Ballina, every day at half-past-twelve, goes through Ballaghadereen, Frenchpark, Ballinagar, Tulsk and Strokestown.

Trades Directory 1934 - Principal Professions, Merchants and Traders Market Day - Tuesday. Population 1926. 1001.


Hurst and Keane, Main St. Mellett, J.A. and son, Market St.


Campbell's Church St. Daly. P. Bridge St. Feeney, P. Main St. McCormack, P. Circular Rd. Munnelly, J. Main St.


Hibernian Bank, Ltd. Provincial Bank of Ireland Ltd.

Bookmaker and Commission Agent

McNulty, R.J. Brookville Ave.

Bookseller and Stationer

Mellett, J.A. Market St.

Bootmakers and Warehouses

Connor, J. Main St. Fraine, James. Market St. Gallagher, M.P. The Square. Kyle, John. Market St. Morrin and Co. Market St. Walsh, Patrick. Market St.


Gallagher, J. Esker. Mulligan, J. Market St.

Butter and Egg Merchants

Mellett, J.A. and son. Market St. O'Hara, P. Main St.


Comleer, J. Circular Rd. Durkan, P. Circular Rd. Lynsky, M. Brookville ave. McNeila, M. Bridge St.

Cattle dealers, etc

Devaney, D. Bridge St. Lynsky, M. Back St.

Chemists and Druggists

Brady's, Main St. O'Connell's, Main St. Staunton's, Main St. Walsh, D.S. M.P.S.I. The Medical Hall, Main St.

China and Glassware Dealers

Green, P. Chapel St. McHugh, J. Market St. McNicholas, John. Market Square. O'Malley,William. Market Square.


Conington, Right Rev. Monsignor, Edward, D.D; P.P; V.G; Parochial House. Gallagher, Rev.T.P. L.S.T. C.C. Chapel St. Hannon,Rev. G. C.C. Main St. Morrin, Rev. Thomas, C.C. Chapel St.

Coal Merchants

Egan, J. Market St. Howley, M. Market St. Mellett's, Market St.

Cycle Agents

Brennan, M. Back St. Devitt, P.W. Market St. Donegan, Bridge St. Keane, Bridge St.


Boland, C. Bridge St. Cuniffe,W. Main St. Dempsey, T.C. Main St. Frain J. Market St. Gallagher, John. Market St. Hurst, P.A. Market St. Kyle, J. Market St. Laing, John. Main St. McAndrew, J. Bridge St. McDermott, G. Market St. McDonnell's, Drapery, Warehouse, Main St. Malloney, Bridge St. Morrin,T. and Co. Market St. Mulligan, Michael, Market St. O'Connor, J.P. Main St. Rooney, J. Bridge St.

Fruiterers and Green-grocers

Brennan, T. Chapel St. Campbell, J. Market St. Conlan, D. Court Sq. Walshe, Miss M. Main St.

Grocers, Wine and Spirit Merchants

Byrne, John. The Square. Byrne, Thomas. Main St. Campbell, H. Market St. Campbell, M. Chapel. St. Casey, A. Back St. Coniffe, W. Main St. Dempsey, F.S. Main St. Donegan, J.A. Bridge St. Donegan, J. Lr. Bridge St. Durkin,Patrick, J. Main St. Egan, M. Main St. Feeney, Patrick. Main St. Fraher, T. Back St. Frain, James.Market St. Gannon, M. Back St. Henry, E. Market St. Henry, Mrs. Back St. Horkan,Mrs. Main St. Horken Mrs.B. Main St. Kelly, Andrew. J. Market St. Lang, Mary. Main St. Lyons, A. Bridge St. McNulty,Martin. Market St. McDermott, G. Market St. McHale, James. The Square. McHugh, James. Main St. McNicholas, Mrs.A. Main St. McNulty, Sarah. Main St. Madden, Miss. K. Main St. Mellett, Joseph A. Market St. Molloy, P. Market St. Mulligan, T. Market St. O'Connor, Honoria. Market.St. O'Connor, J.P. Main St. O'Connor, Mary. Market St. O'Connor, R. Main St. O'Connor, Thomas J. Main St. O'Connor, Thomas P. The Corner House. O'Hara, P. Main St. Reilly, J. Bridge St. Staunton, Miss B. Main St. Walsh, M. Main St.


O'Neill, Court Sq.

Hardware Merchants and Ironmongers

Egan, John. Market St. Egan, M.Main St. Howley, Michael.Market St. Mellett's Stores, Market St. O'Malley,William. Market St. O'Neill, T. Bridge St.


O'Connor's Hotel. Main St.

Milliners and Dress-makers

Doherty, Miss C. Market St. Rooney,Mrs. Back St.

Motor Engineers and Garages

Brennan, M.Back St. Devitt. P. Market St. Donegan, S.and sons. Bridge St.

Painters Grant, P. Carrabeg.

Physicians and Surgeons

Henry, Dr. M. Main St. Staunton, Dr. M.D. Main St.

Posting Establishments

Campbell Brothers, Bridge St. Donegan, A. Back St. Donegan, J. Back St.


Begley, J. Brookville Ave.


Campbell, Chapel St.


Boys National School, Station Rd. St. Mary's Intermediate Schools, Chapel St. St. Mary's National Schools, Chapel St.


Campbell, T.F. Convent St. Kelly, D. Main St. O'Connor, P. Main St. Walshe, J.J. Main St.


Cooke, W. Lower Main St. Doherty, Circular Rd. McManus, Circular Rd. O'Brien, T. Back St. Walshe,P. Back St.


Kelly, A.J. Arch Bar. Mellett, J.A. Market St.O'Connor, J.P. Main St.


Campbell, P.Back St. Back St. Mellett's Stores, Market St.

Veterinary Surgeon

Grealy, D. Main St.


Davitt, P.W. Market St. McNicholas, A. Main St. McNicholas, J.A. Market St. Pidgeon Brothers, Bridge St. Smith, M. Back St.

Watchmakers and Jewellers

Harkan, M.J. Market St.

Courtesy of Cathal Henry, 2008.

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