Swinford History in Co. Mayo

Swinford suffered terribly during the famine and the Workhouse is worth a visit. Opened in 1847, its occupants died so fast that they were buried in an open grave nearby. The 564 victims are remembered by a plaque near the site of the grave.

Another burial site behind the Vocational School known as the Famine Graveyard holds the remains of thousands of famine victims who did not make it to the workhouse.

Other reminders include lazy beds - where the potato crop failed, buildings that housed former soup-kitchens to feed the destitute, and a famine road.

Historic Buildings

The Catholic Church

Built in 1891 it has beautiful stained glass windows by Hubert McGolderick and Richard King which are well worth going along to see.

The Courthouse

The present courthouse is a reconstruction of the original building which was completed in 1839. It houses District and Circuit Court sittings.

Swinford District Hospital

This was formally the administration office of Swinford Union Workhouse

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