Derrigimlagh Bog

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This is one of the Signature Points of the Wild Atlantic Way in County Galway.

Derrigimlagh Bog is a spectacular blanket bog near Clifden. It is a mosaic of tiny lakes and peat rich in flora and fauna. In this lonely spot two remarkable events of 20th century history took place.

In October 1907 the first commercial transatlantic message was transmitted from Marconi's wireless telegraphy station to Glace Bay, Newfoundland, Canada. The station was burned down during the Civil War in 1922, the ruins are still visible today.

Close-by is a white aeroplance wing-shaped memorial to Alcock and Brown, who crash landed - uninjured - into Derrigimlagh Bog in 1919 at the end of the first non-stop flight across the Atlantic.

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