Ballyglass History in Co. Mayo

The village of Ballyglass serves a wide catchment area from Donamona to Ballinfad, to Mayo Abbey, to Newbrook, Carnacon and Clogher.

It has two grocery shops, two public houses, a post office, a school, a Community Centre, a Garda Barracks and a Dispensary, a soccer pitch and a sports field.

A very historical village, Ballyglass also in the past had a stage coach stop, a thriving fair, a co-operative, a warehouse and a courthouse. An enterprising gentleman, believing that the railway line from Claremorris to Westport would pass through Ballyglass, built an hotel in the centre of the village. Unfortunately, the railway never came through Ballyglass, and "the hotel" later became the Garda Barracks. The local fair, like most fairs at the time, had its faction fights and tradition has it that the fair was moved from Ballyglass to Donamona because of a killing at Ballyglass fair.

Ballyglass, being noted for its fertile soil, and situated as it is in the heart of the "The Plains of Mayo", attracted the Blakes of Towerhill, The Joyces to Mountpleasant, another branch of the Blakes to Ballinfad, Bingam to Newbrook, The Burkes to Donamona. The village and the catchment area in general boasts a number of historical sites Raths, ringforts, bronze age burial places, fulachta fia. One bronze age burial site at Curlisduane was exacavated in the 1930's and yielded a number of items of interest.

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