The Neale in Co. Mayo

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Snuggled close to the isthmus of Cong is the small village of The Neale or An Eill, with its historical and archaeological wealth virtually unknown.

Spread over the landscape are the ruins of the Norman castles occupied by the McDonnell mercenaries. Adjacent to The Neale village is the home of the first Englishman to settle in the country - sheriff and map maker - John Browne. His descendant Lord Kilmaine, was responsible for the building of the temple.

The Neale village also hosted the great uncrowned king of Ireland, Charles Steward Parnell, and Michael Davitt during the Land League era.

The system of organised ostracisation of over bearing land lords and agents - later termed boycotting by Fr O'Malley (Parish priest in The Neale) was first put into operation at Lough Mask House where Captain Boycott attempted to raise the rents.

Journalists from all over Europe and America converged on the tiny village to witness the non-violent resistance which in later years was the hallmark of Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

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