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Enniscrone Beach, near Enniscrone, stretches for 5km over a long area of shoreline between Cliff Road and the mouth of the River Moy. It is very safe for children with the large sand dunes to play in as well as a supervised playground and amusements. A comprehensive network of sand dunes, rich in flora and fauna, provides an impressive backdrop to the beach. The ‘Valley of Diamonds’, a sandy, volcano-like valley can be located amongst the largest of these long-grassed dunes.

For years Enniscrone has been the seaside resort for much of Mayo. For eight decades people have come to bathe in hot sea water and seaweed renowned for its therapeutic qualities. Seaweed Baths, established in 1912 and situated on the Cliff Road, offer full treatment comprising of Steam and Seaweed Bath and Sea Water Showers.

A local tradition says that the hill near Valley of Diamonds, known as Cnoc na gCorp (hill of bodies) was formed from the pile up of bodies of Vikings in 891. In this area there is also the legend of the Black Pig with a replica pig located on the main street of the village.

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