Tír Sáile, The North Mayo Sculpture Trail

Michael Bulfin

Born in Co Offaly, He is both a scientist and an artist with a specialist knowledge of trees and forestry. Michael was a founding member of Project Arts Centre, Dublin and of the Sculptors Society of Ireland. His sculpture with Fallmore stone is entitled 'Deirble's Twist'

Alan Counihan

A native of Dublin, he now divides his time between Ireland and the USA. Alan is a self taught artist who is well known for his expertise in stone work. His sculpture for Tír Sáile at Lacken sea edge is titled 'Tearmon na Gaoithe' (Sanctuary of the Winds)

Walter Michael

Born in Munich, Germany he now lives and works in Ireland. He is based in Co Mayo and is noted for his work in stained glass. His Sculpture 'Caochain' is located in Cathru Taidhg.

Tony Murphy

Tony is a native of Co Mayo. Born in Ballina he was awarded NCCA student of the year in 1988 and has since completed his masters in sculpture NCAD where he now lectures. Tony's sculpture is titled 'Court Henge' and is located at Ballycastle.

Eilis O'Baoil

Eilis was born in Nigeria and received her masters degree in fine arts from the University of Ulster in 1991. Eilis has a special interest in sound and music which is reflected in her piece 'Wind Trees' and is located at Muingelly.

Marian O'Donnell

Born in Westport, Co Mayo, Marian is one of the driving forces behind the Tír Sáile project. Marian's Sculpture is titled 'Acknowledgment' and is located on Claggan Island.

Katherine West

Katherine is a native of Scotland and was born in Edinburgh. Her work for the Trail is located at Mullachroe and is titled 'Idir Dha Shaile' (Between two Lives).

Mariyo Yagi

Coming from Japan Mariyo has built many installations all over the world. A recurring theme in her work is the image of rope which she uses as a symbol of continuity. Mariyo undertook two Sculptures for the Trail, they are titled 'The Intercommunications Park' and 'The Echo of Nawascape' they are located at Killala and Lacken Bay respectively.

Niall O'Neill

Niall was born in Dublin and teaches sculpture at Dun Laoghaire College of Art & Design. He worked in close co-operation with students on a second site on the Trail. Niall's sculpture is titled 'Stratified Sheep' and can be found at Ballinaboy Visitors Farm.

Fritse Rind

A native of Denmark, she is well known for her innovative work in new materials. Fritse's Sculpture is called 'Battling Forces' reflecting the harsh elements battling the exposed coastline, and it can be found at Downpatrick Head.

Simon Thomas

Simon comes from Great Britain where he has studied in several noted schools of Art & Design. He is known for his exquisitely carved sculptures set in natural locations. Simon's work for the Trail is named 'Tonnta na Blianta' (Waves of the Years) and is located at Kilcummin Pier.

George Trakas

Born in Quebec, Canada, George now lives in New York USA. He has taught at Yale University. George's work in various locations around the world is inspired by the concept of making connections and he is noted for involving the public in his sculpture. His work for Tír Sáile took the form of a footbridge and is called 'Reconnections' the bridge spans the Belmullet canal.

Joint Student Project

This project was undertaken by a group of students from Lacken Cross Secondary School and Dunlaoghire College of Art & Design. Niall O'Neill assisted the students with this project which is called 'Slí na nOg' (Way of The Young) and is located at Lacken Cross.

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