Tír Sáile, The North Mayo Sculpture Trail

A land where the salt laden winds from the Atlantic governs all things.


Site L


Marian O'Donnell

"Acknowledgement" Claggan Island.

A 50 m long sculpture of earth and stone, which will both shelter and draw attention to the existing unmarked burial mound. A passageway draws the visitor through the sculpture, into the earth, to emerge and greet the vastness of the surrounding sea.


Take the Doohoma/Geesala road from the village of Glencastle between Bangor and Belmullet. Take the first road to the right and continue down to the beach. Drive across the beach to the road on the island. Opposite the first house on the left is site 'L'.

The North Mayo Sculpture Trail begins in Ballina and follows the coastal route through Killala, Ballycastle, Belderrig, Belmullet and down to Blacksod.