History and Museums of County Mayo

Here you will find links to historical articles related to County Mayo and you can visit the Museums of Mayo website  for information on the museums.

As well as the links there are also many historical articles under the various towns and communities.

Articles in the Connaught Telegraph

Many of the towns and communities have sections on History, here a few examples:

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There are many writers in County Mayo have documented interesting facets of Mayo's history, here a few books on Mayo's History:

  • The Famine in Mayo A Portrait from Contemporary Sources    
    This book is not intended as such a study, but it wants to be a real portrait of the lives and deaths of Mayo's people as recorded by witnesses in newspapers, official records and books.

  • Where The Sun Sets - History of North Mayo

  • Westport The Tear and The Smile - nostalgia, laughter and tears, that recalls a time when Westport was young but growing

  • Mayo - A Proud County - this book gives a glimpse of County Mayo, its past and its present, people, places and enterprise. It is a colourful compilation of magnificent photographs from many corners of the county and references many famous Mayo people.

  • Claremorris in Restrospection - a little history and a few memories of Claremorris in times when virtue, character and a sense of responsibility and common pride were as prized as expensive houses, fancy cars and high social status. A valuable resource for people in and around Claremorris.